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“With the themes of consumption and destruction as his cornerstones, Porter works
with a unique vocabulary of emotionally loaded objects like lollipops, sex toys, digestive
organs, and cancerous growths, as well as a whole pantheon of cartoonish beasts.  Presenting
these in a style that combines meticulously crafted graphite drawings with brilliant bursts
of color and mixed-media sculptural elements, he seamlessly conflates contradictory symbols
into a single visual language.  And it’s this fusion that gives his work its power: it reveals the
hopeless entanglement between our basest desires and purest aspirations.”  –Marin Sardy

“Porter told me once that he would attempt to stay awake for seven consecutive
days, despite the inevitable psychic anguish, if doing so would promise that he would then live
forever (as in the Epic of Gilgamesh).  I suppose the artist’s obsession with living has to do with
losing his mother, who was an important figure for Porter.  Reflecting on his latest body of
work, I question if immortality might finally satisfy the artist’s desires.”  –Katy Corker